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We are a Latin American foundation that was born in Argentina. Today, we are present in the Americas, Europe and Africa


About us

We are a family Foundation created in 1993 with the mission of giving back to society part of what we received

We work to transform the reality of people affected by neglected tropical diseases, diseases of inequality, with serious consequences for health, mainly in the most vulnerable populations.

We develop efficient management models that are replicable, scalable and transferable, through public-private partnerships, with multidisciplinary scientific research.  



In Mundo Sano, we give priority to the consolidation of institutional, public-private alliances, as a tool for the sustainability of our programs and projects.

Our work is linked to and framed within the current regional and global strategies established by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), contributing with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are the only Latin American organization participating in Uniting to Combat NTDs, a coalition promoted by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; we are also part of the STH Coalition and are founding members of the Chagas Coalition.

We actively participate in a broad and diverse network of partners to promote cooperation among countries.  

How we work

Translational research

We conduct field work by implementing programs aiming to overcome the barriers that hinder people´s access to health; generating useful evidence for the design of Public Policies.

Knowledge dissemination

We produce evidence that may help as a transformation tool for future actions.

Public-private cooperation

We address the complexity inherent in Public Health problems through Public-Private cooperation.

Our contribution

Our efforts are oriented to implement projects with regional impact that contribute to the elimination of neglected tropical diseases.

Chagas disease 

We implement comprehensive programs for vector control in urban and rural areas of Argentina, including sanitary improvement of rural housing.

We promote the access to diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease, both in endemic and non-endemic areas, in line with the Road Map of the WHO. We are committed to eliminating mother-to-child transmission and to ensuring that no more babies are born with this disease.

We guarantee production and availability of benznidazole for the etiological treatment of Chagas disease at the world level.

We signed an agreement with the WHO for the donation of benznidazole to accelerate the elimination of Chagas disease infection in children. 

Aedes-transmitted diseases

We develop and implement Aedes aegypti surveillance and control programs in Argentina.

We are leaders in the use of geospatial tools and remote satellite sensors for the study, surveillance and control of Aedes aegyti. 

Soil-transmitted helminths (STH)

We participate in the research and development of novel formulations of Ivermectin for the control of STH, in partnership with academic groups and pharmaceutical companies (from Grupo Insud).


Our goal is to make Chagas, a silent and silenced disease, visible.

Our locations

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Mundo Sano. Many achievements behind and many challenges ahead.